Monday, 28 December 2015

A Baby Gender Reveal

In my last post I weighed up the pros and cons of finding out the gender at the 20 week scan and we came to the decision that we would keep the gender a surprise like we did when I was pregnant with Max. 

Before entering the ultrasound room for our anomaly scan we were STILL debating about whether we should find out or not. With Max we wanted a surprise from the get go but this time around we kinda wanted to know. During our anomaly scan we found out our little peanut was doing great and everything seemed like it should be and he/she was healthy and extremely active. The sonographer then turned and asked us if we wanted to know the gender. We had her write it down on a Christmas card for us to open on Christmas Day. As soon as we finished up and got ourselves into the car we couldn't bear not knowing and ripped open the envelope and I'm SO glad we did because...


We are happy to announce we are expecting a little baby girl! Max is going to be a big brother to his little sister come May 2016. We couldn't be happier and we're so blessed we get to experience what it's like having a boy and now a girl. We now have the important decision on deciding and agreeing on a girls name which we are arguing about pretty much everyday. We had our boys name sorted so we're kinda stuck. We have exactly four months to figure it all out! Not long to go....


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Pros and Cons of Finding out the Gender

With my 20 week scan exactly one week away we've been contemplating whether we should find out the gender of this little nugget that's been growing in my belly for 19 weeks. There's so many reason to find out and again the same to stick it out and wait the whole 40 weeks for that precious gender reveal.

We've weighed up the pros and cons of finding out the gender and this is what we've come up with.

Finding out the gender

1. Pro: being able to organise before our pending new arrival. That includes buying gender specific clothing and kitting out the nursery to suit a baby boy or girl. Even though we'll probably end up going for an all white type decor in the baby's room. It would be nice to add gender specific finishing touches to his or her room. 

2. Pro: being able to bond with the baby throughout my pregnancy. Instead of calling the baby 'it' it would be lovely to able to call the baby him or her. Choosing a name before the baby arrives and not spend days choosing a name. Also explaining to Max that he will be having a little sister or brother would be nice in preparation.

3. Pro: it's like having a little 'halfway through your pregnancy' reward at your 20 week scan. The first half of my pregnancy (especially the first trimester) was so tough. I honestly didn't think I would make it through, but I did and what a lovely way to pat yourself on the back then to find out what gender you'll be having at your next scan. 

Not finding out the gender

1. In this day and age we know a lot more than we need to. Why ruin one of life's greatest surprises finding out ahead of time?

2. What if the sonographer tells you the wrong gender?! This thought has crossed my mind a lot. Can you imagine if I bought clothes and kitted out the nursery in pink to then find out I was having a baby boy?! Although this isn't a massive problem because it can be changed it would mean another added chore to add to my list with a newborn and a toddler in tow. Also I would have wrapped my head around having a specific gender and would find it really difficult to come to terms with having a gender that we weren't told we were having. 

3. Too much blue and too much pink. With Max we didn't find out until the moment he was born. The surprise was AMAZING even though I had a feeling he would be a baby boy by how BIG I was! However as a newborn he lived in white which made him look so angelic no blue until he was three months old. He looked like a sweet angelic newborn, which I loved. 

4. And finally I just don't care enough to what to find out during my pregnancy. I know this is so cliche but all I want is a healthy baby. I don't care if I have another boy because Max will have a brother to play football with. I don't mind it if I have a girl because I'll get to experience one of each gender and I'd love to see the bond Max will have protecting his little sister. 

So I think it's fair to say from this blog post that I think it'll be surprise again. Which I'm excited about! Another four months to go until we know if we will be welcoming a little baby boy or girl into our family.

Did you find out the gender or did you decide to keep it a surprise?